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Drag and Drop Feature in Gmail

Google is becoming most popular with its unique facilities provided to its users. There are so many online applications available that make use of internet more interesting. Gmail is on of them. It is one of the most fast mail i ever used. It also provide plenty of storage space. Today, Google has updated its Labels feature to add more functionality to the labels toolkit, helping users implement labels in a more organized way.

It is quite simple as it is. Just create labels you needed and drag it on your one of the mail and drop it. The mail will be labeled! So easy way of labelling!!

Now the updated Labels feature to be located in a new area on your Gmail interface, above your chat list and grouped together with Inbox, Drafts, Chats and other system labels. You can also now control which labels that you would like to show and you can hide the rest under a more tab.You can also drag labels onto messages too. It’s also possible to drag labels into the more menu to hide them, making it easier to change labels than going to the Settings function.

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